New Media, Same Human.
New Media, Same Human.
I am direct, colour-obsessed, hybrid, rebellious, empathetic, optimistic & curious...

I'm interested in identity, technology and subculture.

I create beautiful visual culture that connects people, that tells the story of now - of how it feels to be a human being in a digital world. My work combines technology with music, fashion and art to to make meaningful, unexpected, digitally driven experiences.

I use film, animation, new media (web/interactive) and creative direction to do this in a way that feels raw and visceral.

I was recently appointed Royal Society of Arts Fellow and was awarded the Mercedes Benz award for Innovation at The Fashion Film Festival Milan.

New Media. Same Human. See the work here.
Heaven Is For Quitters
Data Portraits
New Media
Welcome Home
Fashion Film
New Media Direction

New Media


Means of mass communication using digital technologies such as the Internet.



A man, woman, or child of the species Homo sapiens, distinguished from other animals by superior mental development, power of articulate speech, and upright stance.